Storm Season is Upon Us - Part I

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Parts of the country and world could soon be in storm response mode. Selco has many OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) throughout North America who help in times of disaster relief.

Selco is proud to work with Therma-Stor, located in Madison, WI, where they manufacture dehumidifiers and supply them to storm victims. These dehumidifiers help remove the excess moisture to residential and commercial markets. Part numbers are 4037419, 4041849, 4036967, and 4041848. Wondering how Selco works with Therma-Stor? Selco supplies a cold capillary control thermostat, the WK Series, which is a vital component for this program. These are off the shelf and ready for Therma-Stor or any OEM who needs a cold control thermostat.

We value Therma-Stor’s commitment to Selco and our components, that are helping in relief situations all over the world.

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